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The ERC Advanced Grant 2020 (#101019653) ISSP started on 1 Sep 2021 and will end in Aug 2026. With the grant I aim at completing and exploiting a large survey of stellar parameters for various scentific purposes. The first one is to bring direct constraints on the stars hosting exoplanets and for which a direct interferometric characterization, at a spatial resolution of 0.1mas, is possible. The second one is to bring direct constraints on as many stars as possible in the Plato Input Catalogue, with a special focus on F5-K7 dwarfs stars. But the more ambitious scientific purpose of this project is a dense and complete survey of the HR diagram in terms of fundamental stellar parameters, with a particular attention to the variability effects that generate deviations to standard laws.

The project is based on the CHARA/SPICA instrument and on many developments that I am considering with this grant around the survey management, the stellar atmosphere and stellar evolution codes, and the determination of new surface brightness colour relations.