Les présentations des séminaires passés sont téléchargeables ci-dessous. Previous seminars slides can be downloaded here.

P. Hartley (19/12/2017) Support vector machine classification of strong gravitational lenses
T. Guillot (12/12/2017) Unveiling Jupiter’s interior with Juno: A dry atmosphere, deep winds and perhaps a fuzzy core
J. Rosdahl (05/12/2017) The Sphinx simulations: the first billion years and cosmic reionisation
N. Gac (28/11/2017) Multi-GPU parallelization for 3D tomographic reconstruction
J. Chevallard (21/11/2017) Getting ready for JWST with new-generation spectral models and interpretation tools
N. Prantzos (14/11/2017) A short history of Nuclear astrophysics
G. Ogiya (07/11/2017) What sets the central density structure of dark matter halos?
E. Corsaro (17/10/2017) Spin alignment of stars in old open clusters
K. Menten (10/10/2017) A Global View of Star Formation in the Milky Way
O. Lai (05/10/2017) Thermodynamics, Evolution, Telescopes
V. Burdyuzha (03/10/2017) Magnetic Atoms in the Universe
A. Stroe (26/09/2017) Cosmic tsunamis and tornadoes
A. Vardan (19/09/2017) Exoplanet formation in the Galaxy: different environments, different planets
V. Pelgrims (12/09/2017) Cosmic Anisotropies from Quasars
S. Thalabard (05/09/2017) Small Scale modelling through dynamical optimization
M. Devogele (29/08/2017) Physical properties of L-type asteroids: a link to the primordial Solar System?
K. Zwintz (04/07/2017) Tracing the early lives of stars with asteroseismology
Y. Miguel (27/06/2017) Jupiter's internal structure and first JUNO results
M. Kunitomo (20/06/2017) Evaluating the imprints of planet formation on the compositions of stars
F. Loi (13/06/2017) The galaxy cluster CIZA J2242.8+5301: constraining the physics of the intracluster medium
R. Adam (23/05/2017) Cosmology with galaxy clusters The Sunyaev-Zel’dovich effects to probe the formation of distant clusters
R. Nelson (16/05/2017) Global models of planetary system formation
D. Mourard (09/05/2017)  Où il est question d'une Europe de l'Astronomie
M. Bostan (02/05/2017)  The effective Vlasov-Poisson system with strong external magnetic field
A. Saal   (25/04/2017)  Magmatic Degassing and the Volatile Budget of the Moon
P. F. Leget (21/03/2017) Cosmology with SNIa
A. Lamberts (14/03/2017)  Signatures of massive binaries: from wind collisions to zombie black holes
F. Spoto  (07/03/2017) Investigating the contribution of Gaia to orbit improvement and short term orbit determination
H. Flores (28/02/2017) The MOONS spectrograph
F. Mignard (14/02/2017) Considérations sur le calcul du lever et coucher du Soleil : Théorie et Pratique
A. Riols (07/02/2017) Turbulence and gravitational instability in accretion discs
M. Rodrigues (31/01/2017) Morpho-kinematics of z~1 galaxies probe the hierarchical scenario
M. Alves (24/01/2017) Interstellar magnetic fields: radio is the future
C. Ferrari (17/01/2017) The SKA project and the SKA-France coordination
B. Carry (10/01/2017) Solar System Science with ESA Euclid