Virgo is a laser interferometer detector managed by the consortium EGO, funded by the CNRS, INFN and NIKHEF, that aims at detecting gravitational waves. Since 2007, the Virgo collaboration collaborates with the LIGO collaboration in the USA and the KAGRA collaboration in Japan to jointly analyze their data sets. The SNO aims at granting the French participation to Virgo activities of interest for the French community. It especially includes the release of Virgo data. The SNO activities concerns the commissioning and upgrades of the Virgo detector, the development of detection pipelines, the development of the gravitational wave alert system, the development of performant parameter estimation software. It also includes a support to observers, making sure they have access to all needed information from Virgo-LIGO-KAGRA.



Virgo calibrated data are downloadable from https://www.gw-openscience.org/ 18 months after the end of each 6-month long observing period.

The gwosc site provides calibrated data from Virgo and LIGO, as well as catalogs of identified and published gravitational wave sources, detection pipeline software, data quality metadata and tutorials.

Virgo auxiliary channels are not yet available.

OCA involvement

The Virgo group at OCA is involved in many activities:

  • Development, construction and installation of a high power laser for the upgrades of Virgo.
  • Development of data analysis software to search for transient gravitational wave sources in LIGO-Virgo-KAGRA data.
  • Targeted search of multi-messengers sources (GRBs, magnetar giant flare, etc) with LIGO-Virgo-KAGRA data and Fermi-GBM/Swift data.
  • Electromagnetic follow-up of gravitational wave sources with the TARAT telescopes and the international network GRANDMA and crossed data analyses with different data types.

OCA staff involved

S. Antier, M.A. Bizouard, M. Boer, W. Chaibi, N. Christensen, J.P. Coulon, L. Eymard, A. Lamberts, N. Man, M. Merzougi, M. Pichot, R. Soulard, M. Turconi, J.Y. Vinet

The Virgo SNO is performed in collaboration with Virgo members from laboratories associated to the Observatoire de Paris (APC, LUTH).

Short-term needs and prospects

  • The team wishes to renforce its contributions in multi-messengers data analysies and especially its involvement in electromagnetic follow up os LIGO-Virgo-KAGRA alerts with TAROT telescope.
  • The team wishes to renforce its contributions in the development of the LIGO-Virgo-KAGRA alert system and contribute to the alerts with fast parameter estimation algorithms.
  • The team wishes to renforce its role in the development of data processing algorithms to substract transient noise contribution from the data.