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[Turbulence Fluide et Plasma]
Fluid and Plasma Turbulence

The fluid and plasma turbulence team have 8 permanent researchers, a research engineer and 3 emeritus CNRS. In the past 4 years, there were 7 PhD students, 6 post-docs and a large numbers of visitors.
The main topics of research include the role and properties of turbulence in fluids or plasmas, astrophysical, geophysical or laboratory magnetohydrodynamic turbulence, solar wind, and dynamo effect, the transport of particles in turbulent regimes, the heat flow, and nonequilibrium phenomena, usually associated with nonlinear interactions.

These works use of theoretical and numerical tools, but remains in close contact with laboratory experiments or observations from space. The team is using intensive computing, including being involved in parallel programming, and development of new algorithms and subgrid models, with the prospect of using machines petaflop (GENCI, PRACE).

Our research is integrated into national and international scientific communities of fluid mechanics (GDR turbulence), MHD (GDR Dynamo) and plasma (PNST program). Inside the lab, a synergy is already underway, particularly with the team of planetary science.